People of SunWatch

Ft. Ancient Faces

How long did they live? How tall were they?

The people of SunWatch were of medium height. The women were between 5' to 5'2". The men were 5'4" to 5'6".

The streams and forests surrounding the village provided the villagers with a variety of nuts, berries, and game. The gardens provided several kinds of corn, beans, and squash that could be stored for use in the winter. However, life was not easy. Forensic specialists tell us that over half of the burials discovered at SunWatch were infants. There were hardly any burials of people between the ages of 5 and 17. Some villagers lived to be over 50.

A leading health problem and cause of death in adults was dental abscesses. Cultivated corn is relatively high in sugar content and low in several vital nutrients. Unlike the Hopewell and Adena peoples who came before, the people of SunWatch did not consume common goosefoot, a native leafy vegetable high in vitamins and calcium. The increase in sugar intake from corn combined with the drop in calcium and vitamin intake seems to have frequently lead to rather severe health issues.

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