Houses at SunWatch

What were they like? What were they made of?

The houses had to protect the villagers from the heat, humidity, and rain of the Miami River Valley and be sturdy enough to withstand the harsh weather while partially abandonded during the winter months.

The high pitched thatched roof shed water and snow well. The thick mud daub walls insulated the house against the summer heat keeping the inside temperature in the 80 degree range even on the hottest days in August when the outside temperature can reach 100 degrees or more.

In September 2008 a freak jet-stream forced the remnants of Hurricane Ike back to the ground in Central and Southwestern Ohio. Hurricane force winds and resulting damage knocked out power to 1/3 of the residents of Ohio for up to 13 days. The SunWatch Museum had its wooden siding torn off by the winds. NONE of the reconstructed houses in the village so much as lost any grass from their roofs or suffered any other damage from rain or wind.

Sunwatch House
Reconstruction of "Big House" at
SunWatch Archaeological Park

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