SunWatch Village Game

Let's play a game! Hidden within this picture are links to other pages explaining more about life in the village back in 1200 AD. Read the instructions below the picture, and let's learn more.

Game Instructions:
There are six "magic spots" hidden in this
picture. If you click your left mouse button over any one of the "magic spots", you will jump to a new page where you will learn more about life in the SunWatch village back around 1200 AD. If you just can't find where to click, press the button beside one of the six questions for a hint about where to click for that question.

In this game we want to learn more about:

Go to village picture to play

Remember, if you can't find where to click in the picture, you can click the button beside the question to find out where to click.

SunWatch Archaeological Park is in Dayton, Ohio, USA.
Map to SunWatch
SunWatch is located off I-75, a few minutes south of downtown Dayton.
Take exit 51 off I-75. Go west on Edwin C. Moses Blvd., which becomes
Nicholas Rd. after you cross Dryden Rd. / South Broadway St. Intersection.
Cross South Broadway and turn left onto West River Road.
SunWatch is one mile south on West River Road.

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